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About us »

About us

CorpEstonia is providing assistance in registration of companies and selling shelf companies, it offers consultations in tax and finance related issues with the aim of minimizing the corporate expense on taxes, it advises on legal questions. Furthermore, we assist in registration and selling of foreign shelf companies, including offshore companies, we supply registered agent’s and office’s services, we help in nomination of shareholder and directors, thus guaranteeing maximum confidentiality of company owners, we aid companies in their everyday work, in legislation of documents and, upon need, in opening bank accounts.

CorpEstonia provides business aid in Russian Federation as well: we are ready to provide highly advanced professional advice and provide services in tax, financial, land-related matters, register companies in Russian Federation, provide accounting services in St. Petersburg and the Pskov region, and help you to open bank accounts in St. Petersburg and Pskov town.

Today, the use of companies registered in tax havens, exempt from taxes or tax shelters, enjoying tax benefits is a topical issue to practically all entrepreneurs - ranging from large corporations to local businessmen. As a matter of fact, a non-resident company can be as reliable a part in any business as a resident company. It is the skilful use of that instrument which counts, avoiding violation of laws of the country where business is pursued, and where people using such companies to their best interests reside. Therefore it is useful to enter into co-operation with a consultancy company, steering the entrepreneur past all obstacles, providing services from registration of the company to its representation before all authorities.

Our office is situated in downtown Tallinn in close proximity with Swedbank, SEB Bank and the hotels Viru and Tallink.

You are always most welcome to our office!
Esilehele   Saada e-mail   Lisa lemmikutesse